Marilyn McNish







Marilyn McNish

Marilyn McNish

Manigotagan, MB


Following many years in the corporate environment, semi-retirement finally provided Marilyn the freedom to focus on her true passion – painting. She now has the time and energy to dedicate herself to this art form, and has created a new art career.

She is a self-taught artist who paints vibrant and colorful paintings from photographs or memory, with her most popular medium being acrylic.
Recently, she participated in the Manitoba Art Expo where she displayed her artwork and created a themed art piece and video called, “Missing Children,” for the special Showcase Gallery for Human Rights.

She also teaches art classes from her home, displays her artwork in corporate offices, and participates in various art shows and juried events, including the Manitoba Society for Artists.

Her subjects and interests vary, allowing Marilyn to paint many interesting compositions, which she feels diversifies and challenges her skills.

Her artistic themes include local wilderness, prairie vistas, farmyard animals, birds, flowers, trees, winter scenes, wildlife, boats, planes, beaches, oceans, images from her travels, and various illustrations intended to evoke thought and contemplation.


Flute Player


Parrot Portrait


Crooked Dock


Santa Catarina's Cross


Monarch Portrait


Tranquility 2




Land Meets Sky


Forest Path


Wood Falls 3




Inukshuk 2


Inukshuk 3


Prayer and Praise


The Canoeist


Missing Children


ATR 72 - Arctic Bay


Church Meadow


Canadian Bison


3 Pots


Free Meal


Chico y bicicleta


Starfish Drifting


Perched at Dusk


Dusk approaching